Would You Give $150,000 For A BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution?

Is $150,000 too much for an E30 M3? It sounds like a lot, but we’ll explain why this gem has this outrageous price tag in just a jiffy.

Normally, a conventional, well maintained E30 M3 will set you back about $40,000 – $50,000, as the selling price of the model has significantly increased over a short period of time. But this isn’t your “run-of-the mill” M3, but the ultimate Sport Evolution variant.

Its rarity, combined with the technical expertise implemented from motor racing, made it an instant classic. And, to be honest, all Sport Evolution M3s sell for a similar amount of money (sometimes even more).

Mind you, the variant is a homologation special that reflects the racing machine’s characteristics. It has much more potent than the EVO 1 and 2 versions and comes with improved aerodynamics, less weight, taller front wheel arches, and a stroked 2.5-Litre, 254 hp beast under the hood.

This particular model is being sold in Hong Kong, which means that if someone decides to keep it China, additional taxes have to be paid. It has only 79,000 Km (around 49,000 miles) on the clock and it shows, presenting itself in a remarkable condition with every centimeter of it “shining” like new.

Source: carscoops.com

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