Maxbimmer is FOR SALE

Hey guys, It’s with mixed emotions that I announce that I no longer have the time to upkeep Maxbimmer, and will be placing the website for sale. I would love to see the site go to a fellow, local BMW enthusiast who can make the site flourish, but unfortunately those logistics are out of my hands.
It goes without saying that i made some great memories and friends on the Maxbimmer forums, and wanted to thank all of you for the amazing experience and an even more amazing group of BMW enthusiasts that Ontario has ever seen! I also wanted to thank all the moderators who played a huge role in helping to run such a large forum. You guys truly rock! I hope to still be a part of the site in any capacity in the future, whether to moderate, help out, or to simply be a member. It will be exciting to see the torch passed on to someone else. 
If anyone has any questions for me, you can text, call, or email me anytime. Thanks!

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