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Originally Posted by E30S54 View Post
Who was this? I think you are talking shit to promote alpha I never heard of a shop asking for extra $ to tell you what's wrong. I call bs on this one
Sir, I don't know you and you don't know me yet you think it is right to call me a liar. I am not going to tell which BMW shop it was because the goal of my post is not to make enemies or make a certain shop look bad or lose business. The purpose of my post was to inform BMW owners that there is a good mechanic named Darren that they should try if they are looking for better service.

Every place does business differently and if you are happy with paying $45 to be informed of the problem your car has then that's up to you, but I think it is unethical to be asked to pay extra money to be informed of the result of the inspection which you already paid for--regardless if I want to fix my car at their shop, take it somewhere else, or decide not to fix it for the time being.

All I can tell you is that the shop was one of the highest recommended shops on this site and it is one of the Platinum maXbimmer Sponsors.
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