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I took the dipstick out and it was not milky. I took it out several times, in fact. I'm just going to hope the head gasket isn't blown. If it is, I'll either DIY or find the cheapest indy garage willing to do the job, drop the bills and sell the car immediately. This car was in worse shape when I bought it and I've poured way too much effort into it at this point. I don't mind taking a loss so long as I don't have these headaches again...

As for it overheating, the car came fresh off the highway (hot engine) with no cooling fan and was in 36 degree blazing hot road surface. I was stuck in traffic for at least 30 minutes before that. It started to get bad when I was navigating on street roads. Noticed some steam coming out of my hood (I heard that there is a pressure release system built into the reservoir) so I assume it was coming from that.
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