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Post Overheating Check

As I posted earlier, my car overheated when my fan clutch died. The fan doesn't spin at all anymore. My main question is: what should you have checked out after your car overheats due to a non-running clutch fan?

The scenario (long story for those who want to know the exact details):

The first time I noticed this problem, I was coming off the highway. I didn't see that there was a problem until I looked at the temps and found that the heat needle was in the red (red light came on and I noticed small amounts of steam from under the hood). I instantly pulled over. Let it cool for 10 minutes and then drove it to a plaza (2 minutes away).

I taxii'd to my destination and came back to the car 6 hours (completely cool) later. Topped up the coolant (I had almost none left in the reservoir, it seemed) and limped the car home. Since it was dark and cool out, I was able to ease my way around at 50kmph on 60kmph roads in the right lane, turning off my engine at red lights and just being very light with the car. <1km from my house, the car's needle goes into the red again, I see small amounts of steam, but I decide to limp it home even in the red.

The next day, I topped up the coolant once again (no leaks. all of it was steaming out), drove the car around the block once more and it seemed totally fine (once around the block is not even enough to get the engine near normal operating temps).

That said, since my car has overheated twice, what should I check for in the car to ensure everything's alright? Coolant system pressure test? Reservoir cracks? *shrug* I'm not sure.
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