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M5 shopping rant

So I'm looking to upgrade to an E60 M5 and can't help but laugh at the clowns out there.
  • First off most of them are not rolling on decent tires. I guess a lease payment is one thing but having to drop $2000 on good tires is another. So they are all rolling on Kumhos, Nankangs, Generals and Hankooks (well, I'm OK with Hankook as long as they are V12 Evos). All the ads a like "new tires with great tread ... like I care, they would removed ASAP.
  • The "no accident cars" have accidents, the white one I saw today had both front and rear bumpers repainted and they couldn't even make it look legit, misaligned and with the PDC sensors all gummed up with over-spray around the seam.
  • eBay has a "575hp M5" for sale in TX with only an intake and exhaust with gutted cats. Amazing, those will be my first mods if they are good for 75 ponies.
  • Then there are the dreamers looking for like mid-$40K for five year old M5s or $30s for salvage titles?

Argh, I figured with M5s there might be a different calibre of used cars but it's all the same BS.

That said I found a sexy '07 with only 8500miles, not the black on black I was after but might be worth investigating.

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