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Power steering issues

Hi all, need a little advice from the community.

About 1 week ago I went to go start my car and after, noticed my power steering was not working. Steering was extremely stiff and difficult to turn. Fluid level looked fine though a bit dark. Went ahead and changed the ps pump with a new one. I let the old fluid drain and refilled with new Dextron VI ATF. Turned wheel left to right while car was started to bleed air and allow fluid to cycle through. Steering was loose and felt normal again.

BUTTTT, after leaving it overnight, started an steering is completely stiff again. Fluid level still looks the same. Here's the wierd thing, If I rev the car beyond 2000rpm, the power steering kicks back in ... And it stays on . Even if I stop the car turn off and on , it works fine .. It's only when I leave over night it's stiff before I start the first drive

I verified no leaks .. I'm thinking it could be steering rack leaking internally when cold.. Any thoughts ?
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