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Looking for a dealer - recommendation! GTA. *new M2*


My 2017 M2 was totalled and now I'm looking for a new one. LBB, Manual, 2020 competition.

The dealer I reached out to via unhaggle has been - to say the least - very annoying.

(If I'm reminded ONE MORE TIME how long this one sales person has been there, I will scream).

I wanted to get European Delivery information - they have "NEVER" done it in 26 years.

I wanted options b/w 2020 in stock and a new build w/ sunroof.

I AM WONDERING IF SOMEONE HERE has had a very good honest experience from a GTA BMW dealer - could be 416/905, and would RECOMMEND someone who knows their M2s.

I would like to also be put on a list for the M2 CS and weigh getting a 2-year lease, and then doing ED on the CS vs getting a 2020/2021 and getting ED now.

Thank you for reading my boring message.

Jake aka Kuba
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