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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
i've been following this thread somewhat weekly and i find it absolutely hilarious.
If you come on a board asking a bunch of random people you don't know whether or not you should spend your money on something that you want, you are a tool.

Do you want a bmw?(yes)
is it superior to your pos?(yes)
is it going to cost more for upkeep? (yes, duh)
is it going to cost more on fuel? (yes, duh, larger engine/tank!)
are opinions like assholes? (definitely yes)
are you going to come here and ask us about the type of toilet paper you are considering buying?? ( i ****ing hope not)

buy a damn bimmer you can afford already and stop wasting kb;s. Like, am i missing something? Forget 335i, get a 328xi and be happy!
Like come on, i can't even believe we are 5 pages in guys...
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