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Originally Posted by limenuke View Post
- If you remove the main clutch fan but do NOT get a lower t-stat and fan switch for the aux fan (which we assume to be working), how will the car fare?

Well I'm back in Toronto and with my car.

Things I noticed:
1) No white smoke out of back of engine. (Good!)
2) No visible oil in coolant. (Good!)
3) No coolant visible in oil from dip stick checks. (Good!)
4) Unplugged coolant overflow hose & wet radiator (cracked rad maybe? I'll have to see once I bleed the system).
5) It's a bitch to get the fan clutch out without a fan tool. I need a 3lb sledge. Smashing the end of the 32mm wrench with rubber mallet or pipe wrench is not doing the trick. I've been told you can shove something into the pulley to try to increase the friction of the belts. Doesn't sound healthy for the car though.

Anyone want to chime in?
The fan removal tool is under $20 at Princess Auto, do yourself a favour and get one!

What people seem to forget about when talking about head gaskets is that mixing coolant and oil is NOT always a must! You can have 0 mixing, but engine pressure escaping to the cooling system. In some cases this works VERY slow, and it may take over a week to build up (at wich point it starts overheating), you open the cap and you are good for another week! I once drove a car like this for almost a year.

Once you have everything together, run the car and open the overflow tank. Look for any bubbles coming out, even very slow ones....
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