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I had a chance to meet him earlier this year at the Norisring race/DTM weekend. That was the race which took place in Bavaria on Canada day, and he coincidentally led the race and was in first place until the last turn of the last lap in which Paffett passed him and subsequently took the checkered flag.

There was a celebration here in Munich for both him and the entire BMW team this week, and last night he was on TV being interviewed. It really is an amazing feat when you consider some facts that I for one didn't know until watching the interview. Prior to this year he spent the past 10 years racing for Mercedes Benz (3yrs in Formula 3 and 2 with team Mercedes, and the past 7 driving for Mercedes in DTM). With Mercedes he never won a DTM or major title. This was his first year with BMW (naturally) as it was BMWs return to DTM after a two decade absence. In their first year back, and his first year with BMW, he won his first DTM title and had a sensational season. That's got to say quite a bit.. Congrats Bruno, BMW and Canada
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