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^^ In regards to what Flav posted as well, how many of you guys have your cars chipped? Does it help your fuel economy much?

Originally Posted by ShortShifter
I get between 550 -650 of each tank. The worst I have ever got was 525 cause I got caught in some heavy traffic and was rippin if for a while. When I taker nice and easy on the highway up north to the cottage I get around 900 of the tank on 94 octane.

WHAAAT!!!!! Now i'm definitely getting robbed for fuel... what the hell are you running? You got a geo metro engine under the hood right
Haha its a 318 sedan with a 325 swap. As for all the mods im honestly not sure. I bought it through someone who was selling it for someone who was selling it for someone...what I know is it has magnaflow exhaust with high flow cat. Mark D guessing a 91 octane chip. 3.15 lsd dif. I dunno my tranny...the rest performance wise is stock. No intake. Also these numbers are with the a/c off. I dunno what the difference would be with it on. It sounds like my car is one of the better for fuel efficency...
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Do we really need an Ipad???
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Only if you have an iVag.
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