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1. Car from the front. All nice and shiny. At first I thought the bumper trim was new, but all JC did was paint it. Looks great!

2. Crappy fender is no longer crappy!

3. From the looks of it, JC redid my crappy body filling, it's now almost impossible to tell there was a massive hole there.

4. No more peeling clear coat. No more scratches.

5. Same deal.

6. The chip where the exhaust is was gone too. JC even painted my wheel wells!

The pictures speak for themselves. JC even washed the whole car. Like I said, there are some imperfections but I had to look in weird spots to find them (like the inside of my mirrors are a bit rough to the touch). Overall, I couldn't be happier with his work.

Next in line is to do brakes (pads/rotors) all around, both control arm joints (inner and outer) and to apply my M3 clear bra.

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