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This thread will confuse more people, than help.

NOTORIOUS VR, You did not read my whole quote you just glanced at it lol ...... IF the 1998 vehicle has no OBD2 port IT MAY BE 2 SPEED IDLE TESTED. PLEASE re read

Effective January 1, 2013, a light vehicle must be compliant with OBD test standards. Light vehicles not OBD enabled and vehicles not compatible with the performance of the OBD test procedure referred to in Section 9.0.1 of t he Regulation will be tested using the Two Speed Idle Test as prescribed in Section 8 of the Regulation

yes 97 motor into a 98 chassis you go by 98 standards (I mixed up the years)
My example says nothing about hot rod status on a 1997 motor from the same chassis in a 1998 car.

What you don't seem to understand is the fact that some cars are able to pass (2 speed idle) e test without certain emissions equipment (egr,a.i.r etc. When you go for a e test in Ontario there no visual inspection) And that is good enough to get you paper work for your sticker. BUT if you are stopped road side without these you will be fined. If you vehicle chassis year came with it (emission equipment)then it must be there or an equivalent , except the obd2 (IF YOU PUT A MOTOR THAT WONT SUPPORT IT). You can replace emission control systems, devices, or parts as long as the replacements do the equivalent job as the original.

I like howyou completely dismiss this link as open to interpretation, when it comes directly from the ministry site. The point is no OBD2 and it will still get tested.

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