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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
So if you swap your motor and you have a 1998 E36... you're allowed to put any OBD2 motor into your car that will allow you to keep OBD2 tests functioning.

You are NOT allowed to put an OBD1 motor in your car and you are NOT allowed to convert your OBD2 car to OBD1. It has always been this way, it just that in the past they never scanned the ECU so you could get away with it. Now you cannot.
So much misinformation.

The op has a S54 swap, and can qualify as a hotrod, if he can provide proof (reciepts to prove when and what was swapped in etc)

YOU CAN put a older motor (NON OBD2) into a 98+ vehicle and qualify as a hotrod.

Also dcramer : I read you e mailed them, I would go by what on their own web site and not what some yahoo may e mail you. This person could easily be misinformed. It may be easier for you to just say noting at the test facility and let them run their obd2 test as if it was still a s52.

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