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Originally Posted by Dissembler View Post
where are you getting this information? At the top of this thread there is a link and in it there is a guy who swapped an S54 into his E46 325Ci and it was etested under hot rod
From the Drive Clean/Government site (green box):

since when? i've seen lots of carbureted V8s in E36s
So because you've seen something, that makes it legal? Like I said, because of the old emissions testing it was far easier to get away with it. But you simply cannot delete emissions systems from the car that initially came with it. Says so in the picture above, and an OBD2 ECU/system is an emissions part. It cannot be disabled/not connected. Same goes for OBD1 systems... or any type of lambda control unit actually. It's an emissions system, so you're not allowed to remove it and go to a carburated motor.

In the governments own example they put a crate motor (with no emissions or OBD equipment into a vehicle that was OBDII compliant and tell you that it can be tested under hot rod. OBD has nothing to do with it if you are going for hot rod status
No where in any of the Drive Clean examples do they put an old motor into a new car. Especially not one with OBD II compliance. But you're welcome to show me where you think you've seen this.

Oh and please do use the quote system correctly.. it's a real PITA to correct it all by hand when you reply inline.

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