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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
NOT that "ludacris"...Just because you can buy it off some guys back yard, does not mean this is "going rate"; if you do a quick seach at local recyclers you would find some funny things...for example

Dominion Auto, 233K Km $980 267K $980
Auto Enterprises $1200
Modern Auto parts $900
Miller Auto, $800 For parts
Jays Auto $850....

So just beause Chuck's is not the best price around, does not make him crazy or trying to "rip you off". If that was the case, someone call the cops beacause Auto Enterprises are asking $1200 for a motor, they must be criminals!!!!

Bottom line is, you go to his shop wanting to buy something. He did NOT come to your house trying to get you to buy anything. IF you like it, you buy, if not there are many other places out there. I dont get why people are SO upset and personal if you dont have the price they want.

Unless you are a non profit organization, any business is about making $$$, and unless you are a scam or do bad work, nothing wrong about it!!! Lets not be hypocritical about it, if i make a post right now about "Wanted to buy; M52 motor for $2000" I would have 1000 people offering me one! Are they wrong? Am i wrong for not shopping around? Who knows, but this is exactly what will happen.
Well you saved me having to say it this morning.

Fact is when someone has something you want and its priced over what you can afford or are willing to pay there is no need to flame the business or person because you didn't get what you want. this is where the adult will walk away and drop it, or the child will try and ruin the person or business because they did not get their way.

Yes you maybe able to get it cheaper somewhere else, but if you could, why do you care then if its priced higher then you think is right, there is no scam, if they have people who pay that regularly and were not rude about it this whole complaint is just a hissy fit.

I have given prices to people for a part and received page long essay's why I should give it to them for less, sometimes with examples, I just kindly say sorry, but if you can get it somewhere else for a better price then you should get it from them, anyone selling something isn't holding a gun to your head to buy it, seller sets the price, buyer pays or offers what they want to spend, and seller decides what they will sell it for. Its pretty simple the whole thing, some people just don't like hearing no and not getting their way.

oh and Phill next time I see you I owe you about $0.50 for your $0.01 per unit sold even when I did sponsor for a year !!!!

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!!!
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