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Originally Posted by aspen540 View Post
it's probably just you. if you don't like their price, go somewhere else. they're not taking anything away from you so why are you bitching?
They are. They're wasting people's time.

But I think it goes deeper. For those of you who came on the scene with Eurostyle and others already around, I can see how this reaction may seem excessive. But some of us were around when the only place you could get used BMW parts were Shantaram (well Chuck [the seller OP dealt with] too but he was more in the business of putting used shit into customer cars and charging new than a parts business). He knew it, and unless you were prepared to go to the mattresses with him, you were going to take it up the corn hole. I developed a strategy where I'd come in several times with coffee breaks in between and usually by the 3rd or 4th visit, I'd get a decent price (with the first offer often being higher than new from the dealer). And like the ad in the OP, he would also never tell you the price upfront, knowing that if you take the time to come down then you'd be more likely to stretch your asshole more than usual.

So you can play righteous advocate all you like but the bottom line is that people like this are vultures and it's a great service to the owners community to expose them for what they are.
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