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OBD I Swap

Since I'm waiting for parts I will start on the different mods that are required for the OBD I swap:

OBD I Single Vanos Wire Harness
OBD I Sensors- Cam position sensor, crank position sensor(front of timing cover), Vanos solenoid(can use OBD II solenoid but the harness must be extended), Air intake sensor, Idle control valve (can use OBD II as well), OBD I MAF or HFM.
OBD I or II Ignition Coils - you have to modify the top of the valve cover to allow the coil wires to pass through nicely.
Silver Label 413 DME(EWS) or Red Label 413 DME(non-EWS)
M50 Manifold with throttle body and throttle position sensor.
--Feel free to add anything if you don't see it here.
21.5lb injectors (if you don't have an M3 or 328)

Chip required to run S52 OBD I system:
Red Label 413
TRM - $250 -
Turner - $250 -

For the Silver Label 413 DME you need to buy the Turner chip with the EWS delete.

Upgraded Parts For Swap
--24lb injectors (if you have upgraded cams)
--540 HFM
--Chip to sustain 2 above mods(Turner or TRM Chip can both be custom set)

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