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Originally Posted by bmwe36_5spd View Post
i gave this a shot this morning and I had no clue finding the (5) green/red wires. I found two but I had a hard time tracing it back. Im dying to take off the dash lights, and tail lights it bothers me too much
THat might be the hardest part of all this... I was lucky my wires were already out of the splice panel. The 5 wires will come together into the plastic/metal splice piece but it's stuck up inside the "splice panel".

You're gonna have to remove the splice panel off the side of the car to get a better view. Someone said you lift and pull toward the passenger side. Someone else said there are 2 10mm bolts on either side...I'm not sure. Also, you might have to unclip the relays hanging on it first.

BTW can you tell me something... When you put the key in the radio position, do your window switches light up? I'm interested because after you turn off the car and it goes into the radio position you can even take out the keys and the sunroof switch will stay lit. I can't remember if the window swtiches ALSO used to before I did this... Also, they're supposed to turn off once you open the door for the first time.

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