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f10 m5 is a land barge...and besides it looking half decent I have no interest in it. I think one can easily appreciate the engineering and numbers behind it...much like that of the gtr. But I wouldnt want to own one at all. No thanks.

E39 M5 yes but thats pushing the weight and size for me. E60 has a gold engine inside a yacht too.

the point of the article is that the evolution of the brand is the wrong direction and that they sold out. Rather than cater to what they are known for they are making cars that are more appreciated by the posers and soccer moms. of course that maximizes profits but thats a terrible line to take imho.

and the guy he talked to shows the sillyness behind it" I don't know, I won't be working here when that happens" Such a selfish bunch the world has become.

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