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E30 parts warehouse (or my house I should say )

I just bought my 5th E30, so obviously I have parts, 2 out of the 5 are on the road, one is another future project car, which I may just give up on, who knows... which means I have parts for 3 E30's.

The big stuff:
3xM20B27 engines (one has a blown head gasket, one dissambled and another one complete, and one still in the car, ranging from 165,000km to >400,000km's)

3 tranny's, from an 84 325e, 87 325e and 85 325e (not sure if these are interchangeable with "i" engines.

Interior parts, rear seats, most of them needs re-upholstering, carpet/door panel sets... window/sunroof motors, ECU's and many more parts, too many list, too many pictures to post... So just ask and I'll see what I can dig up for you .


All I really want is 1 'e' block and random parts to make a super ETA for 325IS
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