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Originally Posted by 3x Beemer View Post
I was just quoted $2000 by BMW Canada STEELER for DRL, so called inspection and Letter for recalls on a 2005 M3.
Please pass on the name of the dealership so "the collective " can give serious consideration the next time they need something from the dealer ie. " Hmm, seeing as said dealer is an extortionist, I think I'll drive an extra 10 minutes so as not to give the bastards the business".
We are BMW enthusiasts, and should not be targeted for where our BMW's come from. I also have 2 old 2002's (locally grown) and if this crap continues I will make sure that none of my parts needs are dealer fulfilled.

RIV should also accept BMW dealer recall letters. By not doing this they are giving the impression they are incollusion with BMW Canada/dealers.

I hate to rant but this kind of thing shows narrow vision.
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