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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
awd always burns more gas than its fwd or rwd counter part. derp

Its still an enjoyable feature to have in the winter(WITH snow tires). Not that rwd is crippled in the winter time(not even close).
AWD burns more fuel. True for all AWD/4x4 vehicles, so nothing enlightening there. Snow tires on a xi ? Had them on a 330xi for first winter season due to paranoia & my inexperience with i & xi BMWs. Never used them again on any xi vehicles I owned. Non xi BMWs, snow tires are recommended, even with snow tires the i does not drive like a xi in snow/ice. I got a 2011 328i now, can't wait for lease to complete so I can go back to xi. Most important benefit for me for xi is driving off from a standstill in winter weather. i models, even with snow tires just don't drive off as well from a standstill in snow/ice conditions. Most important thing is there is No secret to winter driving, slow down, don't drive like a idiot.
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