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FS: DISA Intake Adjuster Valve (2.5L & 3.0L) NEW!

-2000-2005 330i,530i,Z4-3.0L (OEM# 11617544805)
-2000-2005 325i 525i Z3-2.5L & X3-2.5L (OEM# 11617544806)

Price $345.00/ea

Local pickup by appointment only. Call Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm or email anytime. Pickup only.
We do not service cars… we are an OEM parts distributor.

Item Description:
This is a brand new GENUINE BMW item, sealed in it's appropriate box from the manufacturer BMW.
This part is of 1st-line quality, exactly as you'd buy at the dealership.
It follows stringent TÜV quality control and includes 1yr limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Operation of DISA:
The resonance system provides increased engine torque at low RPM, as well as additional power at high RPM. Both of these features are obtained by using a resonance flap (in the intake manifold) controlled by the ECM. During the low to mid range rpm, the resonance flap is closed. This produces a long/single intake tube for velocity, which increases engine torque. During mid range to high rpm, the resonance flap is open. This allows the intake air to pull through both resonance tubes, providing the air volume necessary for additional power at the upper RPM range. When the flap is closed , this creates another "dynamic" effect. For example, as the intake air is flowing into cylinder #1, the intake valves will close. This creates a "roadblock" for the in rushing air. The air flow will stop and expand back (resonance wave back pulse) with the in rushing air to cylinder #5. The resonance "wave", along with the intake velocity, enhances cylinder filling. The ECM controls a solenoid valve for resonance flap activation. At speeds below 3750 RPM, the solenoid valve is energized and vacuum supplied from an accumulator closes the resonance flap. This channels the intake air through one resonance tube, but increases the intake velocity. When the engine speed is greater than 4100 RPM (which varies slightly - temperature influenced), the solenoid is de-energized. The resonance flap is sprung open, allowing flow through both resonance tubes, increasing volume.


German Mechanics
2530 Speers Rd #5
Oakville, ON Canada
(905) 286-4362
Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

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