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Originally Posted by 328IScreamer View Post
Even though you lost your clutch fan your car should not have over heated. Anybody who knows e36s will tell you one of them most common mods is to just remove the clutch fan completely as there is still the aux fan which is ran electically. This way you don't get the drag on the motor when it kicks on.

As for why you over heated maybe both of your fans quit working or your thermostat got jammed. Also possible you have a crack in one of your rad hoses. There are a couple posabilities but I don't think you cracked your head gasket or did any damage to your motor from what you described. I have seen these motors take a sh^t kicking in my day with no issues.

I disagree.

Removing the clutch fan and not replacing it with an electric alternate is not a mod, it's just removing the first stage of engine cooling. The aux fan comes on if that is inadequate or the A/C is on.
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