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I dont what to say, its funny that every single time I go I get issues. The second time I went he said prices went up gave me some ludicrous number and I just left didnt want to argue. He pretty much called me liar when I said I paid this much last time. So I got the receipt the next day showed the same person and he started making excuses on why he couldn't do it the day before.
I checked if he put everything the box and was on my way.
I come home and then see that I got charged $20 for the oil filter I WAS LIKE **** im not going to drive back one more time and waste my precious fuel.
This time I went but I also grabbed headlight washer cover so didnt look at the price did the math in my head seemed about right. Got into the car looked at the bill and $13 something plus tax for filter. I was straving so my lazy ass didnt go back inside over $3.
Heres where I get pissed no Orings and the $13 filter was slightly bent. **** these stealerships. ITs a $2 filter lets be real
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