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Originally Posted by Discostar View Post
There are little flaps around the heater box that direct the air from the blower to the different vents you select. I have a similar problem but mine is a 92 325is with manual knobs not the newer climate control unit.

Those flaps can get stuck. Perhaps they are just unable to fully redirect the air to the Defrost vents.

Also, it could be that other flaps are just stuck open, decreasing the airflow to the defrost. Set the vents to defrost only, and check all other vents to see if air is still coming out. My foot vents have the same issue, full blast but they barely work. All my other vents work fine though.
i have same thing, i can even hear that the air flow was redirected and no there is no air what so ever from other vents when climate is set on defrost, only a lot of sound but no air. I guess the only solution is to take the dashboard apart...
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