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Twin Turbo E30 plans

So I have a pair of K03's sittin in my room out of a S4... as it is ridiculous how well they fit the M20 engine (number wise)... also theres a PnP megasquirt in the mail somewhere, and injectors out there waiting for me to buy them ... but my question is, do I make a collector (I have a tig welder) and have a single 3in exhaust, or go with twin pipes? I can do the math and twin will add more back pressure as theres more firction goin on there, but having a cat/baffold muffler will prob make the minor losses negligable...right?? any suggestions? some dyno results? ancient wisdom?

And I wont use the stock one as it should prob be somethin a lil bigger/lighter/not rusting/not clamped together if I go dual

Anyone have some sweet clips of their turbo cars exhaust?(I went to youtube just curious if there are any more out there) a nice deep grumble would be nice...which will prob add back pressure

I was also curious about trying to replicate a flowmaster and see how it goes... thoughts?
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