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Originally Posted by sthomas View Post
...The headlight relay has a few different wires going into the base (under the relay). You are looking for the wire that connects to the number 8 connector of the relay plug. This is #86 connector on the relay itself (just pull out the relay, and you will see the numbers written on the bottom of it). Warning - double check to make sure you have the right one!! This is the wire that activates the relay. You will need to cut the wire (but leave yourself enough wire to work with) that is currently going into 8 (relay 86). Wrap tape around the end that is heading out to the bundle (the one NOT going into the relay) as it is live when the car is running. You will not be using this wire.
Instead of taping up this live wire that is cut, how about using it to trigger angel eyes? I assume this should turn on AEs as soon as the ignition is started and that way the AEs could serve as a DRL.

Any thoughts?
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