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Originally Posted by Vrbovsky View Post
Were you able to save the traction control, abs, obd-II port scan. how is your emissions, any codes or faults? that's what i was reading into when i started to back away from the swap... I'm just not up to it. again I'm only repeating wheat UUC reported while doing their swap....

I know a lot of this wouldn't matter on the track but as a daily I just don't need the headache .

I congratulate you on your successful swap however! just goes to show that hard work is rewarded!
Traction control, what is that? lol. Euro E36's never came with such non-sense. My traction control is my right foot.
the car could be diagnose with an OBD 2 scanner or even a BMW GT1 to erase, code or program the ECU if i need to.

ABS, and all other modules in car could be scan be scanned if there is any fault.

My car is emission except, and even if i were to do emission it will pass if i have cats, the s54 runs and burns much cleaner than the old M52.

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