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Originally Posted by 89 redrocket View Post
Just finishing importing my 3rd BMW; its not too difficult but you have to follow procedure - read completely. Note a BMW Canada recall letter for $500 is no longer necessary [read RIV - get it free from a USA BMW dealer]. Have a CDN dealer check the VIN to see what mods are req'd; E90's could require more than $2000. I was told the speedo cluster needs changing-no idea why. Get insurance so you can get temp tags. US Customs require the original title for 72 hours and they export only 8am-4pm Mon-Fri. Cdn Customs next for Form 1, pay GST, Duty, RIV fee. BMW Cda must do mods, for E46 just turning on DRL's. CTC does inspection-very simple and quick (for E46) then emissions test, safety then go to provincial licence bureau with 1. original Title, 2. Bill of Sale, 3. Form 1 stamped by CTC 4. Emissions test and 5. safety.

That's pretty much it! but you don't have to change the cluster, BMW just programs the digital part into KM instead of miles, and temp also...

I love the fact they don't charge you for those stupid letters, i paid almost 1000$ for those letters last year!
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