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Originally Posted by kuba View Post

My 2017 M2 was totalled and now I'm looking for a new one. LBB, Manual, 2020 competition.

The dealer I reached out to via unhaggle has been - to say the least - very annoying.

(If I'm reminded ONE MORE TIME how long this one sales person has been there, I will scream).

I wanted to get European Delivery information - they have "NEVER" done it in 26 years.

I wanted options b/w 2020 in stock and a new build w/ sunroof.

I AM WONDERING IF SOMEONE HERE has had a very good honest experience from a GTA BMW dealer - could be 416/905, and would RECOMMEND someone who knows their M2s.

I would like to also be put on a list for the M2 CS and weigh getting a 2-year lease, and then doing ED on the CS vs getting a 2020/2021 and getting ED now.

Thank you for reading my boring message.

Jake aka Kuba
I've done 2 ED's through BMW Autohaus, they had no issues with it.

About options, you need to know yourself what you want exactly, and come in and pick it off the screen to what is available currently to order. Salespeople just open the program and do the order for you. From what I've seen there is not many experts about current M models, and its honestly not their bread and butter.

Ive always came in, and knew what i wanted to order exactly, and what was available for canadians currently to order.

For ED, if you order now, you need to pick a date for delivery in at least 5-6 months ahead of time, due to the paper work and so many other details. Its not a quick: "order now, and fly to Europe" type of thing. There is no such thing as already built cars in Europe, waiting for their ED customers. You have to build your car, pick 3 dates in the future, and wait for the car to be built, after that BMW approves one of your dates.

BMW Autohaus has the CS waitlists, and I've been on one for the past 2-3 years? Now they are up to 40+ people, and the dealer will only get few cars a year, so i would not even bother with that.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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