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Sell or fix 325iS, or franken30?

Hello MaxBimmers.
Long-time lurker needs advice and input.

Short story: I now have two E30s. Probably one too many, if such a thing is possible. One is an 88 325iS - cool car, Zinnabarrot, got all the toys, goes like heck. Rotted 'frame': all the parts that are supposed to be strong aren't. Safetied last year via a guy with a sense of humour.
345,000 km.
Just bought the new one, an imported from Serbia European 86 320i 4-door, 6 cylinder 2 litre. 240,000 km showing, but apparently the odometer doesn't meter odos anymore. 4 door, boring green on green. Not running at the moment while I figure out what appears to be L-Jetronic. Got spark, fuel pressure and compression, injectors not injecting. Engine starts on injected WD40.
Body and interior minty-mint. This car has metal in places where my 325 doesn't have places. Super strong, there really is *no* rust. Interesting little chrome bumpers.
Rear drum brakes, green interior, only RealOEM recognizes parts I need for injection and brakes.
Should I:
1/ Swap the 325iS motor (including Motronic 1.3 and LS diff) into the 320i and part out the leather interior, OBC and uncracked dash etc. ? >>Thus, Sleeper 320i.
1b/ As in 1a, and sell a rolling 325 chassis sans motor?
2/ Sell the 320 and use the money to get more welding done on the 325iS, beyond the floor and rear shock tower that I had done last year?
3/ Sell the 325iS as is, sadly wave goodbye to a very cool but dangerously weak car?

Intended use is to have a fun to drive, semi-to-mostly reliable weekend car.

All opinions considered, please advise.

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