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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Sick, good progress. I want to do this one day when I have time and a car I don't have to rely on for DD duties (preferably another E30 )
It is nice to have a non DD project car so you don't always have to worry about "how do I get to work on Monday if things don't work out this weekend..." lol
But like I was saying, this kit is easy enough to build that you can build it and tune a car so that it's fairly drivable over a weekend, and since it's PNP you can always just swap the stock DME back in at any time and drive the car.

Originally Posted by e30_kid89 View Post
Nice! Love that diyautotune took the time to make the PnP option..wish it was around when I was MS shopping. It looks a lot easier to install vs the standard v3.0 board which is good and has all the circuits you need already built in. Only thing is you're stuck with MS2 but thats not bad at all!

Hurry and get it in, tuned and boosted! You're one weekend away from having a tuned turbo car!
Yeah once I'm done the ECU I need to make a vacuum manifold, install E36 variable TPS, install IAT sensor, and redo the IC piping. Then I'll get the car started and blowing head gaskets... I mean start tuning
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