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Ok so I FINALLY got around to putting together the DIYPNP kit. Between last night and today I've assembled the kit 99%. There's just a couple more jumper wires that I need to research into before I hook them up.


Just getting everything laid out

Starting to put in the resistors

All resistors in place...yeah, there's not very many...

Diodes, capacitors, transistors, and one chip soldered in...

Transistors soldered....

Serial ports, 12V power supply, and map sensor soldered

Microsquirt board installed

Test fit in case with Bosch 55 pin adapter board.

Jumpers pretty much done

This kit was pretty easy to put together. All the components are labelled and the general assembly guide is clear and easy to follow. The DIYPNP guys also have an install guide on their site specifically for a late model E30 325i that has a jumper table and some other important notes. They also include base maps for the car so you can start the car. If you wanted to you could build and install one of these units on a stock N/A car and roughly tune it in a single weekend which is amazing if you ask me.

There were also a few things that I emailed them to ask about because some of my jumpers are slightly different than the stock jumper configuration and they were very prompt to respond (I actually identified a small but important typo in their guide that they are going to fix)

Tomorrow I'll power up the unit to load the firmware and base maps. Hopefully all goes well.
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