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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Well I know that I haven't updated this thread in over a month but I promise there will be some updates soon. I received my intercooler piping kit and hope to install that this weekend.

Also after doing a bunch of reading I figured that rather than spending money on a rrfpr or paying someone to tune my car for only one level of boost my best bet in terms of cost and flexability would be to go stand alone DIY style were right Devon I got fed up before I even started lol
I didn't like the idea of hacking up a harness or gutting a DME so I managed to scrape together the money to buy one of these...
Win. You saved yourself a lot of time getting the car running well vs playing with the FMU. I wish i picked up one of those but they werent around when I went MS Just take your time putting it together and you will be good to go, when it comes time to get it running let me know if you have any questions setting things up.

Just noticed in the pic as well you should re do those vaccum lines and make deadicated ones for the WG, MS and boost gauge if you have one, the BOV you can tee off the FPR line.

I also have some 36lb injectors fs sell it to ya cheap cause they needs rebuild lovin but I know thats no sweat for you..let me know!
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