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Angry CEL P1550 and P0505 help!

CEL came on yesterday. I was at a red light and car just died. I turned it on and it died again.. i noticed the rpms were dropping so i gave it some gas and it seemed fine.. after driving around noticed the CEL and rpms were fine. Got home and scanned the car and got code p1550. Cleared the code and drove around and car seemed to drive just fine.. This morning started the car and started driving, CEL came back on but this time car was idling at around 1000 RPM. I let it idle for a bit and noticed that 1 or 2 times it rev'd up to 2500 rpm by it self and would come back down to 1000rpm. Frustrated, i scanned the car again and got codes "P1550 Idle Speed Control valve Closing Solenoid Control Circuit Electrical" AND " P0505 Idle Air Control System malfunction".

Do i need to replace the IAC ?? any help is appreciated.

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