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Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
Looks great! How will the throttle linkage be rigged up?

Also when doing your estimating on position with those wire pieces I see you decided on approximately a 24 degree angle from the axis perp. with the head. In the car the motor angles away from the intake side increasing that 24 degree's. Will that put them poking up a bit high? just a thought I had.
Throttle linkage is another thing I have to take into consideration, I'm likely going to have to build an adjustable linkage so that I can set it to work with the stock pedal travel.

My measurements are all relative to the booster. As you can see in the picture with the 24 degree angle the booster is a few inches lower than the valve cover, where in reality it probably sits slightly above the valve cover in the car. So if I rotate the model a bit it gives a better picture of what it'd look like in the car...

I think it should be ok, I'll find out when I mock it up. Also, if I go with the angled velocity stacks I'll be able to rotate them to gain clearance if I need it.

Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Vertical ITBs. Cut hood. Mad gangsta. /thread.

Seriously, looks like good work. I envy your fabrication skills. You're thinking of filters between the TBs and the head? Or before the TBs? I didn't quite grasp that last bit...

Triumph TBs is a cool choice, usually see the gsxr stuff
Filters will go before the TBs (likely a sock style filter like this What I was getting at was that by bringing the velocity stacks out at an angle I can bring them towards the front of the car where there is more room for the air filters, if I were to just bring the stacks straight out I can't go too far before I run into my strut brace.

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