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e34 525i wont start without headlights on

Hey everyone, im still pretty new here. I picked up an e34 525i last month and im still trying to work out some kinks and need a little help. So heres my problem. To turn the car on i have to have the headlights on or it wont turn over at all , kinda like when your battery is dead all the the lights come on on the dash but wont turn over anyways its no big deal since i just have to flick the headlights on and thats it. But what the previous owner told me was " there is a short in the low beam circuit" so he took the bulbs out, he told me the easiest fix is to get HIDs so i did. When i went to install them i noticed that the housing for the bulbs on the low beams is completely melted off on the drivers side of the car and the one on the passenger side is melted downwards :S what im curious to know is if i should check the grounds and see if theyre all okay, or should i take a look at the LKM. and one other thing is that when i had one of the HIDs plugged in to see if they work , the headlight switch from in the car wouldnt turn them off, it wasnt doing anything. any help would be appreciated .
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