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Originally Posted by bmrssh View Post

307 - 2001-2003 BMW 530i Sedan Manual (DT53) - NA painted in Sterling Grey Metallic (472) with Black Montana Leather (N6SW) interior were built for the US market.

30 were built for the Canadian market.

The most rare option in this car is the option S481A - Sports seat. It was installed on 2,722 out of 5,516 cars.

Originally Posted by bmrssh View Post
Would you happen to know (1) how many manual 530i models came in Sterling Gray? and (2) of those, how many were M-Sport?

Thank you so much!

1) 495 US/36 Canada

2) 1 US/16 Canada

P.S. Not sure if you know, but your car is not an M-Sport
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