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Originally Posted by noid View Post
Your 1500 e30 doesn't equate to a similar condition m3 for 20k+; if you had a minty 5000-6000 e30 then maybe.

Secondly the 335i is more then 20k+taxes then a 323i. Thus your argument is invalid.

If you dont like the m3 so much there was also the hartge, alpina, and ac schnitzer you could have very easily gotten as well.

Case reopened.
Dude, you are talking about much lighter E30 with M20B25. Imho , they drive nice. The only E90 I have driven is 335I , and it felt very heavy. I can just imagine the 323i. Let alone that I know for the fact many "yoyos" buy E90 323I base just to have a new model and for the status. Not saying that you too because I don't know you personally.

Also, most dudes asking 5-6K for their E30 bought their for 1-2K and wanna flip it for 5K. I know because the same ones come to lowball me, but ask the premium for their cars. No wonder why this place has gone down the tube a lot. Been on here since 2002.

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