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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Aren't we talking about performance here, and not financial numbers? Your argument about condition and value is rather irrelevant.

I too would agree with him(dble trouble). There is no replacement for displacement!
The argument isnt that the 323i is better or faster then the 335i (or 330i) I was just point out his hypocrisy.

Argument about condition and value is relevant, because he spoke about if you cant affored the upper e9x's you shouldnt buy it. Same translates to him choosing to pick up a basic e30 vs something special/tuned. If it was an issue of displacement if he wasnt a hypocrite he should of gotten the a Hartge h28, h35, alpina b6, etc:

Then he claimed it was an issue of cost, to which i responded so is the e90 (even bigger price difference)

The 335i is more of an issue of forced induction rather then displacement.
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