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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
Really? You have to ask? e30 M3 goes for $20+G's I bought mine for $1500. Nextly In an e30 (I'm going to get roasted for this but it is true) the M3 is NOT much quicker than a 325, and lap for lap around Mosport I've not had 1 e30 M3 stock go quicker than me yet. Also e30 M3 is a four banger, and my love of bimmers revolves around the smooth torquey straight six.

In regards to FI vs. NA there is the 330! 75 hp more than the 323 stock for stock not to mention the torque numbers as well. Case closed.
Your 1500 e30 doesn't equate to a similar condition m3 for 20k+; if you had a minty 5000-6000 e30 then maybe.

Secondly the 335i is more then 20k+taxes then a 323i. Thus your argument is invalid.

If you dont like the m3 so much there was also the hartge, alpina, and ac schnitzer you could have very easily gotten as well.

Case reopened.
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