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Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Hi, I don't need anything scanned, but I do have a question.
Are you using a real version of carsoft or an older version with knockoff hardware?
I bought carsoft 6.5 locally & besides making my windows go up & down with my laptop I havent found it very useful.
I also purchased GLM's OBD 2007 with an older version of elmscan 5 usb (with a real elm327 or whatever) & it seems more useful.
carsoft is good..I also have the bmw scanner software...I dont know of the software or tools you speak of but ODB2 readers are simply not enough..Carsoft can diagnose much more that just an ordinry odb2 scanner.. BMW scanner can do more than carsoft including recoding of modules...

It works for me...I am not sure what else I can tell you..."makes windows go up and down"...I am assuming you mean it makes windows crash..There are a couple of tricks to make it work right..If you PM me I will tell you as I cannot type this much right now...Too many
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