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Sorry for the noobish first post, but I've searched everywhere to get rid of the DRLs on my 1993 325is.
Luckily I found this thread, however I am having significant difficulty finding the 5 green/red wires as mentioned.
Can anyone confirm that the wiring colors on 93 and 94 were the same?

Gonna go back and try to find those wires again, but any help in locating them would be appreciated.
ie where they start so I could trace them back.


took a couple pics, still no luck

first picture is of three green wires with red stripe, I took the whole splice panel out and examined it and this is the closest thing I could find to 5 green/red wires.

second picture is of the connections right behind the headlight switch.
Where one of the green wires with red stripes connect. Is this right?

Again, any help would be appreciated.
Has anyone successfully done this on a 93?

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