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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Where were you leaving from?
I'll assume you are talking about my post... As I mentioned in the post, the trip where I had things stolen from my luggage by the cruise ship people started with a flight from Houston and ended up in Rome.

If you are talking about the airport where they had the plastic wrap for the luggage, it was Barcelona. We flew from Houston to the Dominican Republic, spent a week there driving around the country and seeing places that I had no business driving a 2WD subcompact Kia into, and then took a repositioning cruise from there to Barcelona (along with a couple of islands along the way). Once in Barcelona, we rented a car, drove through Spain and France for a week, ending up back in Barcelona for the flight back to Houston.

I know the luggage wrapping service (business) was not in Houston (or our stopover in Fort Lauderdale) and the only part of the airport that we went to in the Dominican Republic was customs and baggage claim, so it's unlikely that I would have seen that sort of service there, so I'm thinking it must have been in the Barcelona airport.
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