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Originally Posted by E36 Power View Post
Heres my situation - the car currently has Bilstein PSS coilovers on it. I have no idea what condition the parts are in that connect to the body etc so im looking to buy a few things from scratch. So...
Not really clear why you're replacing -- are there issues with your current coils?

Originally Posted by E36 Power View Post
- The Konis did not come with bump stops - Which bump stops Should I buy? just go to the dealer? or I need ones that work with that specific shock?
- Do I need new frount strut mounts (guide support) or are they just reusable or is it better to just have new for a better ride?
Bump stops can be had from the dealer, or universals also work, just get those that will fit the diameter of your strut. They can also be made easily using any piece of rubber.
Strut mounts depend on condition. Have a good look at yours. The bearings and rubber can go over time. There are many aftermarket ones available, but if you're just DDing OEM is probably fine

Originally Posted by E36 Power View Post
Is this an accurate list? Is it necessary? overkill?

What else should I replace while Im in the process?
The spring pads are probably overkill unless yours are falling apart.

Have a look at your other suspension bushings in case they're worn -- could be an easy fix while you're there. Check tie rods, ball joints, control arm bushings...

You're welding in reinforcement plates? Are you doing all this on your own?

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