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Maybe I should keep both?

After a hard weekend of bathroom renovations and rudder refinishing, which car do you think started so I could pick up my daughter off the bus back from Montreal?

Was it the Green Euro E30 which is otherwise perfect, and a very pretty face? No, but I knew it wouldn't.

Was it the DD Nissan, otherwise perfectly reliable after 14 years and 220,000 mostly city miles on the no-maintenance maintenance plan? No, coughed an alternator. It was brakes last week.

Was it the still aggressive, 24 year old torque-monster with 325,000 km of who-knows-what, thrust-master with a sloppy gear-shift Red 325iS?
Yes! Was it fun to drive? Yes, it was. And aside from the GD anti-lock, all the electric toys worked just fine, thanks.
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