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Feel the shame of your bronzit!

Well, I finally got around to reading this thread, and let me tell you; we've all been in your position at some point, if not currently. It never ends. As soon as you think it's all good, your blower stops working, fog light burns out, and your subframe bushings take a crap. I like that you're pushing through though, and I like that your girlfriend hasn't killed you in your sleep. My GF has only killed me in her sleep. The repairs and maintenance is one thing, but once you start modding, you're almost guarenteed a new GF within 6 months unless you can maintain the steady lying and excuses like "Don't worry, I got this super rare e30 __________ for a really good price". On many things I would suggest using the word "free". I haven't got my GF a ring yet, but I have two e30's, and enough sets of rims to stack to the moon!

The only thing that was staggering (all the other things are normal) was the buildup in the intake manifold. Just brutal. I take my intake manifold off a few times a year for cleaning and dried-up-hose replacement, and it's barely 1% as dirty as yours!! What I'm saying is; Congrats!! You have the shittiest E30 in Canada, but hell, it works and you can be proud of it.

Keep up the steady work!

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Grow up and move on.
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